Photo Journal, Issue 23, June 2018

I was going caving in the longest cave in California. I realized in advance that some of the narrow passageways might be tough to squeeze through, so I knew I wouldn’t want to carry a full size DSLR camera with full size strobe flash. Besides, that gear might get banged around a lot or dribbled in water and mud. After giving this some thought, I decided to take my very smallest camera of the Canon Powershot family. However, the range on its internal flash was minimal, so I packed an external Powershot slave flash in order to augment what the camera had. So far, so good. Some of us entered the cave one morning after donning hard hats, bright lights, boots, and protective clothing. I had pounds and pounds of hardware for rope work. First we had to descend into a 43-foot vertical pit. Later, we returned to the pit and had to ascend the rope to get out. As I was crawling out the last few feet to the sunlight, the cutest little salamander was there squinting at my bright light. I think that it might have been a Sierra Nevada Ensatina, but I wasn’t sure. I was hanging onto a rope right then, and I didn’t want to take any chances by juggling a camera too. Wildlife photography has its limits.

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