Photo Journal, Issue 5, September 05, 2010

July 2010 at Brooks Falls, Alaska

I had flown by jetliner to Anchorage, then by turboprop to King Salmon, the last village. There, I got on a small float plane to go to Brooks Camp. Once I stepped off at the camp, I had to attend the mandatory bear safety orientation class. Then I carried my heavy load of camera gear up the trail to the campground. When I got almost there, I heard somebody or something running up behind me, so I started to turn to look over my shoulder. Right then, a subadult brown bear ran past me like I wasn’t even there. Then about five paces behind the first one, a second subadult was chasing the first one. Then about twenty paces behind them, a full grown adult was chasing the first two. None of them paid any attention to me, so I guess I was not on the menu.

The photo opportunities were great, even though the weather stayed marginal. I think I saw about twenty minutes of sun total during the six days that I was there.


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