Photo Journal, Issue 13, June 2013

I was in Grand Teton National Park hiking the Hermitage Trail, and I saw a trail sign that warned of an aggressive elk cow who was defending her little spotted calf. I had bear spray for grizzlies, so I wasn’t too worried about an elk. I met some hikers going the other way, and they had just encountered the elk. They were so worried that they used bear spray on it. I had a quick chat with those other hikers, and then I entered the same trail section. I saw the elk and calf, and then they saw me as I was photographing them from a distance using a 400mm lens. The elk took exception, so she started walking slowly uphill in my direction. Then she was heading for me, so I dodged in and out behind some trees. Elk aren’t so good at dodging, so she quickly gave up and went back to her little spotted calf. I had the photos that I needed, so I left while my bear spray was still intact and I had no elk hoof marks on my backside.

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