Photo Journal, Issue 14, July 2013

I had been doing some photography in Yellowstone National Park, and there always seemed to be a cluster of tourists and photographers trying to watch the black bears near the Petrified Tree parking lot. It fact, it got very congested during some hours of the day, so I was determined to circumvent that. So, I parked over at Roosevelt Lodge, hiked up over the hill past Lost Lake, and down the trail toward Petrified Tree. As I approached from two or three hundred yards away, I saw lots of big super telephoto lenses pointed right at me, and I couldn’t quite figure out why. I looked around the trail where I was, and I didn’t see anything remarkable. I continued up to the parking lot with the photographers, and then I stepped behind one big lens to look toward its target. Apparently I had walked right past a bear family feeding just off the trail. There had to be a reason.

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