Photo Journal, Issue 19, July 2016

In late June I was backpacking along a segment of the John Muir Trail in northern Kings Canyon National park. In order to get a practical compromise with camera gear and weight, I was carrying a compact super-zoom bridge camera. I reached one campsite around 10,000 feet elevation to stay for the night. After sunset, I was sealing up my bear canister when I saw some movement behind trees about 40 yards away. With poor light and distance working against me, I grabbed my camera and started shooting at what seemed to be a black-colored black bear. When I looked at the camera’s rear display, I saw a brown-colored black bear. That’s odd. I took a few more shots and the movement continued uphill away from me. When I got home to the computer, the image files were transferred to the computer, and then I could see what I had.

There were two bears, one following the other. One was brown and one was black. I’ve never before photographed or even seen two adult bears together like that. Fortunately, they paid no attention to my food or to me.

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