Photo Journal, Issue 20, August 2016

This was a good photo experience on the wildlife trail. One long backpacker trail in Yosemite National Park does not see a large number of people. I was descending this trail early one morning, and I was just quietly covering some miles. All of a sudden, there was a deer family to my left, and they were headed in the direction of crossing the trail to the right. As soon as the mother deer saw me, I froze in my tracks and fumbled to get my camera powered up and ready. The mother deer headed for the trail where she had room to maneuver and run if necessary. There were two tiny spotted fawns. The smart fawn initially froze, then ducked behind a tree, and then ran in the direction of the mother deer where the human could be watched from a safe distance. The stupid fawn initially ran in the wrong direction away from the mother deer. Then it started running around in a big circle, actually with a stotting hop. It saw that it was getting too close to me, so it ran the wrong way again and continued away from the mother deer. With behavior like that, I’m not sure that the stupid fawn has a good life expectancy. After pausing on the trail, the mother deer and the smart fawn slowly ambled off, hoping that the stupid fawn would somehow catch up before the human did.

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