Photo Journal, Issue 22, August 2017

Cameras for backpacking
For some time now I have combined backpacking with photography. Sometimes that means scenery. Sometimes wildlife. Sometimes wildflowers. As time has gone by, it has become more difficult to handle the extra weight of a full DSLR camera with lenses. In fact, for far-off wildlife it has become more practical to use a lighter super zoom bridge camera, so that has been my standard for several years now. As the summer of 2017 approached, I had to take another step to lighten the load. For my trip on the High Sierra Trail across Sequoia National Park, my load permitted very little for a camera. I used a Canon ELPH 180, which is best described as a shirt pocket-size compact. At less than 7 ounces, that did the trick. Additionally, I was going to be out for as much as nine days, so I felt that I needed extra batteries (which are tiny, so I had low expectations for life). When I started the HST trip, I had the primary battery in the camera, and then I carried four spare batteries. I finished the trip in six days with the primary battery still going strong.

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